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Twisted Gifts and Hilarious Holiday Decorations

Find Funny and Twisted gifts and decorations for all of your holiday festivities!  Enjoy the most popular Farting Santa to the Poohing Reindeer, have lots of fun with our Fake Lottery Ticket stocking stuffers, you'll find that special gift for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life or that twisted decoration for yourself!

Crappin' Santa
Farting Santa
Mooning Santa
Rude Rover

Mooning Snowman
Twenty Five Christmas Dollars
Holiday Tickets

Holiday Grow A Heads
Pooing Candy Dispensers

Bubble Blowing Santa
Nasty Mistletoe
Seymour Santa Bunz

Inflatable Christmas Tree
Santa Suit
I'm Not Santa

Santa's Coal Bubblegum
Gift Wrap
Magic Tree

Santa's Millions
Screw You Santa
Smelly Holidays

Holiday Toilet Paper

Dog Poop Calendar

Yule Doo

2008 Official Buttcrack Calendar

Some Idiot Bought Me This Stupid Shirt For Christmas T-Shirt

2008 Out Of Office Countdown Calendar

Santa's Outhouse
Holiday Henry The Talking Gnome
Perv The Elf

Santa's Redneck Restroom
Dancing Lump of Coal
Reindeer Car Costume

Dancing Dreidel

Dancing Menorah
Animated Low Rider Santa
The Twelve Shots Of Christmas

 Gold Bow T-Shirt

 Magic Growing Santa

Menorah Christmas Tree